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High quality guitars – tuned in for perfection

That is exactly what our products are all about – guitars and bass guitars of highest quality.

Each and every one of our instruments are carefully designed and produced to meet highest of standards.

Read more why Kataja Guitars are unique and top of the class.

6 string Custom Bass Guitar

Check out some of our work

Though most of our custom guitars and bass guitars are built upon specific requests, we would like to showcase some of our most loved models and latest projects in our portfolio:

Why choose Kataja Guitars?

Handcrafted with experience

We are proud of our craftmanship and years of experience. Each instrument is carefully handcrafted and has a unique sound to it.

Finest materials

All the material we use are only highest of quality. We hand select all the wood we use and use the ones that will give the best sound and quality to our instruments.

Sound and performance

We guarantee that these instruments are packed with a great sound and performance, whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning on your journey.

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